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Russia backs “Egyptians’ lawful aspirations”
July 4, 2013, 5:30 pm

Critics of his presidency say Morsi had many chances to address peoples' grievances [Xinhua]

Critics of his presidency say Morsi had many chances to address peoples’ grievances [Xinhua]

In the first reaction from the Kremlin, the Russian Foreign Ministry has said that it supports the “democratic renewal” in Egypt but called on all political forces to refrain from violence and be guided by national concerns.

“From the beginning of the deep changes in the Middle East we have declared support for lawful aspirations of the Egyptian people for a better life with freedom and democratic renewal. Russia’s position remains invariable and principled,” said the statement, calling Egypt a country with “historical friendly ties” with Moscow.

“We believe it’s very important for all [of] Egypt’s political forces to show restraint under the circumstances, to be guided by national interests in their actions,” the statement continued.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a travel warning for Egypt.

Meanwhile, Egypt on Tuesday imported 180,000 metric tonnes of Romanian and Ukrainian wheat in the first interaction on the international wheat market since February.

Russian Grain Union officials have revealed that Cairo has will likely increase its imports of wheat to Egypt in the marketing year that started on July 1.

Source: Agencies