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China wants cyber-security dialogue with US
June 4, 2013, 9:15 am


China is one of the biggest victims of hacking activities, according to a foreign ministry spokesman [AP]

China is willing to hold constructive discussions with the United States on cyber security, a foreign ministry spokesman said at a Monday press briefing.

Spokesman Hong Lei’s remarks came after US defence secretary Chuck Hagel reportedly expressed concern about growing cyber threats also alleging that the Chinese government and military have been involved in several cyber attacks, during the 12th Shangri-la Dialogue.

Hagel said the US-China network work group can help to promote dialogue on cyber security between the two sides, adding that the US would like to enhance cooperation with China on establishing international norms for cyberspace, according to media reports.

China and the US have agreed to establish a network work group under the framework of the China-US Strategic Security Dialogue, Hong said.

China hopes the two sides can calmly handle cyber security issues, enhance understanding and consensus and jointly build a peaceful, safe, open and cooperative cyberspace environment, he said.

China is one of the biggest victims of hacking activities, Hong said.

“The Chinese government attaches great importance to the issue and opposes hackers or cyber attacks of any kind,” Hong said.

A confidential report obtained by the Washington Post and published last week says that US military officials suspect China is behind a series of hackings of designs for some of America’s most important and sensitive weapons systems.

The Pentagon had earlier in May, in a report to Congress, named the Chinese government as the driver behind cyber-espionage against the US.

With inputs from Agencies