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Brazil World Cup ‘best ever’ – experts
September 14, 2014, 5:49 pm

Germany won what experts have called "the best World Cup ever", thanks to star players like Miroslav Klose (above) [Xinhua]

Germany won what experts have called “the best World Cup ever”, thanks to star players like Miroslav Klose (above) [Xinhua]

Praising the competitive risk-taking of participating teams, and what appears to be a goal-scoring jubilee, football experts from around the globe have labeled the Brazil FIFA World Cup 2014 as the best ever.

Delegates from 45 football associations in North and South America met in Panama City over the weekend to analyze a report submitted by FIFA’s Technical Study Group (TSG) on this year’s World Cup.

Since 1965, the TSG has comprised a number of experts who study international football competitions and identify trends.

This year, the TSG report – which was released on August 14 – revealed that 171 goals were scored in 64 matches during the Brazil World Cup, tying the record set in France in 1998.

The TSG also noted greater risk-taking by players and the growing role of goalkeepers to directly influence the outcome of matches.

Commentators had remarked during the Brazil World Cup that a number of goalkeepers from various teams had produced consistent spectacular saves.

The TSG also highlight the quick pace of the game with often fast transition from offense to defense, and vice versa.

The TSG report will be discussed by European football associations in St Petersburg, Russia on Tuesday; African football associations in Cairo on September 30; and Asian and Oceanic football associations in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at the end of October.

New technologies

FIFA also appeared to praise itself in the report, focusing on how goal-line technology and the vanishing spray used for foul shots enhanced the game.

Goal-line technology was debuted at Brazil this year and involves detection hardware manufactured by GoalControl – a German company – that will be able to identify with pinpoint accuracy if and when a ball crosses the goal line.

FIFA also released some interesting statistics. For example, during the Brazil World Cup, the average passes between players per match came to 396 – 43 higher than the South Africa 2010 competition.

The top runner of the tournament was Thomas Mueller of winning team Germany – he covered a whopping 83,957 meters on the pitch.

Source: FIFA, Agencies

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