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Zuma signs UN agreement for DRC peace
February 24, 2013, 12:29 pm

Zuma called for African states to support the UN agreement [AP]

Zuma called for African states to support the UN agreement [AP]

Jacob Zuma, the South African President, joined on Sunday United Nations secretary-general Ban Ki-Moon in signing a peace, security and cooperation framework for the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Known as the UN Framework Agreement, the peace document also includes provisions for a security plan, including peace enforcement, for the troubled Eastern Provinces.

Any new force will have to get a Security Council mandate before being deployed

The existing UN peacekeeping mission MONUSCO with 19,000 troops has been unable to end the fighting in DRC and has been criticised by other African countries.

Zuma said he welcomed the framework’s intention to strategically review MONUSCO operations and search for ways to strengthen its efficacy to enforce and maintain peace in the war-ravaged region.

Zuma says the framework will largely depend on the commitment, resolve and actions taken by all the signatories, stressing that African unity is key to resolving crises on the continent.

“We hail the commitment of the international community to walk alongside the DRC and its neighbours on a path of peace, stability, nation-building, reconciliation, mutual understanding and trust, as well as socio-economic development underpinned by political and human freedoms,” said Zuma.

Source: Agencies


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