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Xi: China, US obligated to maintain security
December 5, 2013, 5:13 am

While the ADIZ was discussed privately, Biden and Xi also discussed trade and the global economy [Xinhua]

While the ADIZ was discussed privately, Biden and Xi also discussed trade and the global economy [Xinhua]

US Vice-President Joe Biden met with Chinese President Xi Jinping for more than five hours in Beijing Wednesday, in the highest level talks since two US military aircraft flew into China’s newly announced air defense zone (ADIZ) over the East China Sea a week ago.

Beijing said that its forces had monitored the jet fighters as they were on their training mission, but added that they had not followed the necessary identification procedures required by China.

While US officials denied at the time that the flights were in response to China’s recent announcement of the new defence zone that includes a chain of islands also claimed by Japan, Biden’s aides told the Washington Post that the vice-president presented the Obama Administration’s strong concerns of the flight requirements associated with the ADIZ.

Washington says that it fears that Beijing’s demands – that aircraft entering the ADIZ provide flight plans to Chinese authorities – could create a confrontational situation and instability in the region.

Although neither official spoke of the ADIZ in a press briefing following their talks, Biden did promise Tokyo during his visit there on Tuesday that he would attempt to persuade Beijing to remove its airspace restrictions.

The talks did focus on a number of other issues, including how bilateral ties have evolved over the past 35 years since diplomatic relations were resumed between the two countries.

“Enhancing dialogue and cooperation is the only correct choice for us,” Xi said, adding that China and the US should respect each others’ interests but maintain strong lines of communication to handle security concerns and disputes.

He said that both countries – as permanent members of the UN Security Council – were obligated to play key roles in maintaining global security and economic prosperity.

Biden said that communication between the two countries is candid and constructive.

“Developing this new relationship, both qualities are sorely needed. Candour generates trust, and trust is the basis on which real change, constructive change, is made,” Biden told reporters.

Xi and Biden also focused on trade and the state of the global economy.

Xi said that the two countries could expand cooperation in the areas of trade, infrastructure building, urbanisation, and food security.

He referenced the upcoming 24th meeting of the China-US Joint Commission on Commerce and Trade (JCCT), which has since 1983 served as a means for both countries to promote commercial ties.

“We hope the United States will relax export control over high-tech products for civilian use to China,” Xi said.

Source: Agencies

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