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The Peruvian Story. Key Issues Affecting Youth.

History and development of each country are always connected with the personal development of its people. The same is definitely true when we are talking about Peru and the Peruvian youth, which is about the quarter of the total Peruvian population.

What is special about the Peruvian youth? What has an influence on their culture? How is the development of Peru affecting the young people, living in this country? Does education in Peru play an important role in the life of its youth? What is the connection between youth and the crime rate in Peru? Answers to these and many other questions are important to know if you’re going to visit the country. And what we are going to do is to provide you with them.

Peru is considered to be the country with the profusion of natural resources as well as great culture. Unfortunately, not everything is favorable for youth development in this South American corner. Social problems, in particular, problems of youth needs and rights are an integral part of this society. Let’s consider the most vital spheres of social life in Peru, which are connected with the youth.

Youth Issues and Peruvian Social Life

Everything begins with the state and its social life. Common poverty and the gaps in such spheres as geography, economy, linguistic, nationality and others have a devastating effect on young people’s development. You will not face the full freedom of expression in the state of Peru, ’cause everything is limited with the censorship, but, nevertheless, youth can show its activity through different ways like here It’s possible to say that the identity isn’t respected enough to be free in your thoughts and actions.