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Snowden in Russia: A timeline of events
August 5, 2013, 5:01 am

Edward Snowden, the National Security Agency contractor who leaked vital intelligence to the media on US domestic and overseas surveillance, has finally left Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport after a 38-day ordeal. Below is a timeline of events since he left Hong Kong, his temporary refuge since leaving the US on June 15.

June 23 – Snowden arrives in Russia but is not permitted to leave the airport because US authorities canceled his passport the same day.

June 25 – Russia says it will not extradite Edward Snowden.

July 1 – Russian President Vladimir Putin sets conditions for Edward Snowden to stay in Russia, saying he should should stop “his work directed at hurting our American partners”.

July 2 – Snowden says he respects Russia’s position but cannot agree to the terms.

July 4 – The media report that Snowden has made more than 20 requests for asylum.

July 5-7 – Venezuela, Ecuador and Nicaragua say they will offer Snowden with political asylum.

July 12 – Snowden convenes Russian lawyers and human rights activists at Sheremetyevo Airport and asks their advice on legal procedures to apply for temporary political asylum in Russia.

July 16 – Snowden applies for temporary asylum in Russia.

August 1 – Snowden is granted entry to Russia; he leaves transit area of Sheremetyevo Airport to an undisclosed location.

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