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Six dead in shooting in Russian town
April 22, 2013, 1:57 pm

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[xraynrktk: twitter]

A gunman has opened fire at shop assistants and passers-by in the centre of Belgorod, a town in Western Russia, 40 kilometres from the Ukrainian border.

Five people died at the site of the tragedy, and a 14-year-old teenage girl died in hospital.

According to the Investigative Committee the suspect – Sergei Pomazun, 31 – has previous convictions and was released from prison last year.

The gunman left the place of the tragedy in a BMW X5 according to media reports.

Police have ordered the closing-down of the city centre.

According to local media reports, eyewitnesses said there were two suspects.

Police have found a safe with firearms inside in the apartment of the suspected shooter Sergei Pomazun.

It was previously reported that the shooter had an accomplice – his 57-year old father Alexander Pomazun.

According to preliminary information the gunman came to the shop called “Okhota” (meaning “hunt” in Russian), that was selling hunting equipment.

He used the rifle that was on a shop window to kill shop assistants and a customer, and went outside while continuously shooting.

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