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Sino-US ties crucial for global future – Biden
September 20, 2013, 7:31 am

China and the US have to cooperate for global security, both officials agreed [Xinhua]

China and the US have to cooperate for global security, both officials agreed [Xinhua]

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi told US Vice-President Joe Biden late on Thursday during his first visit to the White House that Beijing is committed to strengthening Sino-US relations, which are crucial for tackling global challenges in the 21st Century.

Biden expressed optimism about the future development of Sino-US relations, which he says are crucial to humankind’s progress, and said that he has always believed that China’s development is in the interests of not only the United States, but also the whole world.

Wang conveyed to Biden greetings and an invitation for an official visit from Chinese leaders, and said he looked forward to boosting the mutually beneficial cooperation.

Earlier on Thursday, Wang also met with his US counterpart John Kerry during a visit to the State Department.

“We look forward to working with the United States to ensure that we will be able to translate the defining feature of this new model of major country relationship, namely non-conflict and confrontation, mutual respect, and win-win cooperation into all aspects of China-US relationship to bring benefits to our both countries and beyond,” Wang, who is on his first state visit since taking office last spring, told Kerry.

“And it is my belief that there is tremendous potential for us working together to further expand and deepen our cooperation,” he added.

The two senior officials discussed next week’s United Nations General Assembly, the crisis in Syria, nuclear non-proliferation in North Korea, the ongoing dispute over a number of islands in the South China Sea, and bilateral relations.

“China and the United States have also agreed to a new model of relations, and that was worked on and announced at the Sunnylands summit with our presidents. It is based on practical cooperation and constructive management of differences. We recognised the need to avoid falling into a trap of seeing one another as strategic rivals, and that recognition is now driving our partnership on issues from climate change to wildlife trafficking to military consultations and the promotion of balanced growth around the world,” Kerry said.

Regarding Syria, Wang told reporters following his meeting with Kerry that “ultimately, the issue of Syria needs to be resolved through political means. The Chinese side will continue to play a positive and constructive role in that direction”.

He also urged that the UN Security Council be united, particularly when confronting such crises, and speak with one voice. China and Russia have both opposed a number of Security Council drafts condemning Syria’s government in the ongoing civil war. Both countries have also opposed Washington’s plans to strike at government targets in response to a deadly chemical weapons attack near the capital Damascus last month.

Russia last week proposed delivering Syria’s chemical weapons to international forces.

“The UN Security Council should politically recognize and support such agreement,” Wang said.

For his part, Kerry said: “From our dialogue on intellectual property to maritime security and human rights, we are committed to working through difficult issues, and, as you can tell, we have a very big agenda.”

Source: Agencies

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