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SA stresses AU position on ‘unconstitutional’ change in Egypt
July 4, 2013, 12:09 pm


South Africa are concerned over the manner of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi’s removal from office [AP]

South Africa says that the developments in Egypt could have a spillover effect in the North-African region.

“Instability in Egypt may have far reaching consequences on the already precarious situation in the country as well as the North African region and Middle East,” Clayson Monyela, spokesperson for the department of international relations told The BRICS Post.

Concerns have been raised by South Africa over the manner of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi’s removal from office.

“South Africa has observed with concern the suspension of the Constitution and the removal from office of a democratically elected president in Egypt, one year after the presidential election,” said Monyela.

Reuters had earlier quoted an unnamed African Union official as saying that AU members will most likely suspend Egypt due to the overthrowing of a constitutionally elected leader.

The South African spokesperson reiterated that the country stands by its “position on unconstitutional changes of government in line with the African Union Constitutive Act”.

“We strongly encourage all Egyptians to resolve the present crisis through inclusive dialogue within the relevant national legal framework that seeks to consolidate the democratic achievements made by the Egyptian people in January 2011,’ Monyela said.

South Africa has issued a travel warning to its citizens in Egypt but has stated that its embassy will remain open and continue rendering consular assistance to South African citizens in Egypt.

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