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Russia-China to jointly operate nuclear plants
April 24, 2013, 10:03 am



China has proposed that Russia join forces with it to build and operate floating nuclear power plants, the head of Rusatom Overseas, part of Russia’s civilian nuclear power corporation Rosatom, said on Tuesday.

“It was proposed that a joint venture should be established with investments from both sides [Russia and China] to create a fleet [of floating nuclear power plants] and subsequently operate it,” Rusatom Overseas CEO Dzhomart Aliyev said.

“The joint venture is the idea that the Chinese side proposed to us.…From the viewpoint of business, this is a good idea,” Aliyev said, adding that the proposal had been put forward on Monday.

In August 2011, Rosatom announced the establishment of Rusatom Overseas to implement nuclear power plant construction projects and promote Russian nuclear technologies abroad.

Rusatom Overseas has an equity capital of 1 billion rubles ($33 million).

Ria Novosti

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