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Oil loaded Russian tanker stranded in Sea of Japan
February 17, 2013, 11:34 am

The Russian emergencies ministry has reported that a Russian tanker carrying almost 800 tons of fuel oil became stranded in the Sea of Japan after suffering an engine failure.

“The tanker Marine Alliance, which was sailing to the [Russian Pacific] port of Nakhodka, has been disabled due to a failure of its main engine,” the emergencies ministry said in a statement.

There were no specifications on weather conditions at the scene of the incident.

“It is carrying 782 tonnes of fuel oil. It has not caused any pollution of the sea,” the statement said.

The tanker’s 20-member crew did not suffer in the incident.

The tanker is expected to be taken on tow by another Russian vessel, Georgiy Froier, which is sailing towards the site of the incident, the statement said.

Marine Alliance already suffered an engine failure on February 7 in the Sea of Japan in rough weather.

The disabled tanker was drifting towards Okushiri Island, north of Tsugaru Strait when a Japanese salvage vessel took the tanker on tow on February 8 and helped it arrive at Hakodate port, Hokkaido, on February 11, Russia’s Maritime Bulletin reported.

Source: Agencies