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Must Have Tools For Every Business Around The Globe

Office management is defined as the management and improvement of an office?s logistics so that they support your employees. Included within this role are scheduling, providing financial advice, overseeing everything that goes on within the office, shopping for office supplies, and much more. Managing all these roles is easier when you have the right tools and software to use. With this in mind, here are some office management tools that?ll make your life easier.

The Scrum Board

This is mainly a management tool for software companies. It?s known to help you quickly adapt to change and minimize any unnecessary lag. With it you?ll see things as a one or two-week sprint during which you?ll work on achieving a project milestone. During this timeframe you?ll receive daily stand-ups that monitor all the project?s various elements, tracing where exactly each department is in relation to the project?s completion.

Task World

It?s quite common for business owners to cover their walls with sticky notes that are then easily forgotten about. This becomes even more challenging when you have remote employees unless you?re using Task World. With it you can manage everything with custom workflows and visual overviews. You can even chat with your team, securely store documents, and evaluate performance in real time ? things that make this the perfect solution for keeping everyone in your office up-to-date on your most important projects.


Formerly, known as ProsperWorks. Regardless what size company you own, you?ll have clients you?ll need to keep track of. This can feel like an insurmountable task sometimes. Fortunately, this customer relationship management a.k.a. CRM tool makes this process easy. While it?s like most CRMs in that it?ll organize all your clients and help you manage projects.

Snack Nation

Everyone knows the importance of fueling the human body with healthy snacks. For one, Staples says it boosts productivity and it also keeps employees at work instead of heading out to find something to eat. When you provide these healthy snacks, they won?t leave the office so often, which is why you should try this company.

As an office manager you already know about the endless pile of invoices you must deal with. There?s so much financial information and complicated filing that used to go along with them until was created. Now you have clean, easy to read invoice templates available, along with time and invoice trend trackers.


A reliable and efficient automated phone system is essential for any business, as these systems allow customers to contact your company and your employees to stay in constant connection with the office regardless of whether they are on the road or working remotely.
A PBX phone system is a popular option, as these private telephone networks allow users to share a variety of outside lines for the purpose of making external phone calls. A PBX will connect internal phones within a business while also connecting them to SIP trunks, VoIP providers, and PSTN in order to provide your business with optimal phone communication services.

Google Drive

This free cloud storage center can store almost any type of file. You can then invite team members to collaborate on it and see any changes that are made in real time. As such, everyone can play a role in making the company more productive.

Google Sheets

This is a great way to store, track, and read information in a way that?s like Excel but that?s also synchronized with the res of your Google apps. You can easily share your spreadsheets with the other team members who can view and work on them too.

Google Calendar

While we?re discussing Google, don?t forget about their calendar. This is a staple when it comes to industry standards, especially if you?re already using Google?s office suite. You can use it to keep track of meetings and other important events then set reminders so you have plenty of time to be prepared. Other team members can also share and edit it too.


With this instant messenger your entire team can easily communicate with each other ? either privately or at once. You can also form channels for each specific branch of your team and send files over to each other (making it easier to share work). When you need help keeping the lines of communication open and flowing smoothly, this is the tool you need.


Organizing travel can be a hassle unless you use Hipmunk. With this tool you can easily compare flight (including layover lengths) and hotel deals from multiple sources with great precision (e.g. see exactly where the hotel you booked is located). You can also buy packages so your company?s trip is on one easy transaction and save your travel searches to access later, which is great when you need written approval before booking flights.