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Huawei elected to key European tech forum
November 9, 2013, 4:18 am

Huawei is expected to create up to 7,500 jobs in European markets

Huawei is expected to create up to 7,500 jobs in European markets

Chinese telecom giant Huawei announced in a press release on Friday that it had been elected a member of the Steering Board of the new European Technology Platform (ETP) Net!Works/ISI in Brussels, Belgium.

According to the press release “Net!Works/ISI is the new European Technology Platform (ETP) for communications, networks, satellites and services, aiming to bring together more than 700 sector representatives, including industry leaders such as mobile operators, equipment manufacturers, service developers, innovative small and medium enterprises as well as leading academic institutions.

Huawei, which has extensive knowledge in information and communications technology solutions and operates in 140 countries, will use its membership to share its expertise as well as work with key industry players.

Huawei will be represented on the steering board by David Soldani of the Huawei European Research Center, said the statement.

Huawei has been making strides in the European market: In late September, the China-based company opened a 250-square-metre Enterprise Office and Exhibition centre in Amstelveen, Netherlands as it announced it would expand its operations on the continent.

Huawei has pledged to create up to 7,500 jobs in its Benelux expansion plans over the next five years, with 800 posts dedicated to research and development.

Source: Agencies

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