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How to See the Planet: 12 Important Student Travel Tips

There is nothing difficult in making any trip budgetary. A little planning and knowing a few secrets of saving are all that is needed for this. Air tickets, hotels, visas, transportation, food, communication ? on all these points you can cut costs if you try a little. We will share with you some tips on how to travel cheaply in student?s years.

Travel Independently

Some people do not even realize that you may travel abroad without involving agencies and other organizations. They believe that only such a way can guarantee you an absolute security. Finally, we get either a boring rest, mostly in a reclining position, or spend inconceivable sums on more or less non-standard pastime.

Only an independent voyage can be a real adventure, but not a tourist holiday. Going to the ready tour of the ticket, you limit yourself and you will hardly receive as many impressions and memories as from a single-handed journey.

Find the Cheapest Flights

The main rule to remember is this the earlier the purchase is made, the greater is a chance of finding an attractive option. It makes sense to monitor current airline stocks on travel agency websites. View special reviews on a trip to a particular country.

We advise you to learn about low-coasters, which allow you to fly for amounts close to zero; after all, buying tickets for 20 or 30 euros will not be a problem. Air passes with a sharp increase in the exchange rate are better to buy immediately. Do not take a ticket until you specify the whole route of travel.

Make a Visa by Yourself

Do not resort to the assistance of intermediaries and pay them for the service twice or three times as much. The student must travel sparingly, not improving the welfare of strangers; find information on the Internet about the nearest consulate or visa center of the country you need. Collect all the required papers and visit them.

Most tourists believe that making documents through an agency is more reliable, and the probability of refusing a visa is lower. This is a delusion since the whole mission of these mediators limits on sending documents to the consulate instead of you. Do not be lazy and take it in your hands.

Book Accommodation

For those who want to live free of charge, the resource of CouchSurfing is vital. After registering and creating a personal profile, you may find people ready to shelter travelers at home. The network covers millions of users around the world.

You can also stay in hostels, especially if you journey alone; the cost of living can be sometimes symbolic. Do not forget about campsites; European analogs are equipped with showers with hot water, toilets, and other amenities. They are often located near natural attractions.

Be Trickier

Use the services of HospitalityClub, where you may spend a free night and make friends with the locals. Rent an apartment with a kitchen where you can cook food. Do not book hotels on the red line, if you are able decently to save money by renting a scooter. Refuse guesthouses near ski lifts, if you can just take a little more accommodation and pay a free transfer.

Try to write directly to the hotel, because sometimes the prices are lower than through an intermediary. Small houses also make discounts. In Asia, book a habitation for the two days stay- on the spot, you can find a more inexpensive option, which is not included in the world reservation system.

Travel Lightly

Take only what is really necessary. Do not burden yourself with excessive baggage. In this way you will get a lot of advantages:

  • There is no need to wait long for the delivery of luggage
  • You cannot lose your things
  • Do not have to pay for the odds
  • Traveling around the airport and at the destination will be much easier
  • In some countries, there is a ?black market?, which is more profitable than the official one in Argentina, Venezuela or Uzbekistan. Exchange money for yourself.

Care Out about the Transfer from the Airport in Advance

Do not drive a taxi at every opportunity but read about all possible options to get to the city before departure. You will save a lot of cash. Find out about the express trains to the center and combine public transport.

Sometimes it is more convenient and cheaper to use an individual transfer, especially when you travel a large company. In Iceland, it is more profitable to take a car from local offices, while in Morocco, according to the Arab tradition, you may also bargain. Look for alternatives to a voyage.

Moving in Place Instead of the Hotel

Night relocation on trains and buses will make a journey cheaper. This is a good opportunity to save time and money and it is better to take first class tickets. You will have to defray a little, but you will be comfortable and have a good night’s sleep.

Save on Conversations

Use Skype or Viber for communication; connect to local operators for calls and the 3G Internet. You can call Skype using any fixed or mobile phone numbers.

Organize Tours Yourself

It is always more cut-rate to get to the place of interest without agencies and guides. You make your own visit program, there is no need to adjust to the given schedule or rhythm.

Sign up for free walking tours; they can be found practically on local sites and in guidebooks. In large European countries, they are held every day and start from the same point; there is no matter buying a paper guide, free travel applications are enough.

Eat in Institutions for Local

Restaurants designed for tourists always break prices. And in places that the residents prefer, you will find real national cuisine, minimal bills, and the most delicious dishes. If in a cafe there are a lot of visitors from the local, it means that they perfectly feed there.

To find a good eatery, consult gastronomic reviews. Do not visit restaurants with a Tripadvisor sticker and stay away from places recommended by the popular portals. After the cafe gets into the most famous guidebook in the world, it will inevitably become quite popular and expensive.

Plan Unpopular Flights

Travel to the off-season, when the cost of hotels is several times less. For instance, to visit the complex of temples of Meteora in Greece, it is not necessary to travel during the summer heat. Iceland is beautiful not only in the fall but also in winter when it is possible to see the northern lights.

Thus, using the above tips, any student can travel the whole world cheap. Save money, but remain always a polite and friendly guest; do not use public transport for free, because the fine and shame are not what the trip should be remembered for. Never save on insurance, it can cost you even a life.