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Climate change will impact Africa food security – UN
April 10, 2018, 4:25 pm

Climate change and desertification will exacerbate the negative effects of conflict on food security for needy people [Sara Mohamed]

The United Nations this week is warning African nations to pay more attention to the predicted effects of climate change, particularly in how it will likely affect issues of food security.

UN studies have shown that Sub-Saharan Africa will be severely affected by climate change and likely lose most of its arable land this century.

“Africa should embrace and promote sorghum, millet, cassava and indigenous vegetables because they could help the continent fight climate change because they are drought tolerant,” Wilson Ronno, Crops Officer at The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Kenya, told reporters during a site visit in Nairobi.

The UN is advising these African nations to refocus agricultural efforts on “traditional” crops that have been neglected in recent decades.

With globalization and the migration to cities, Africa’s agricultural norms have changed and moved away from indigenous crops, Ronno pointed out.

In November 2016, African nations and others around the world issued the Marrakesh Action Proclamation which called on UN members to boost funding for projects to cope with the effects of climate change.

These include millets and sorghum, while maize production is likely to suffer from elevated temperatures on the continent.

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One Response to Climate change will impact Africa food security – UN

  1. Lisa Reply

    April 12, 2018 at 3:15 am

    Whose food security?

    There is great hunger in Africa. Export of food to the richer countries starves Africa.

    Every country must first ensure their own populations have enough. Countries that have too many mouths to feed and don’t address the issue, and instead take from others, are irresponsible. This is basic family common sense, it applies to a single family as well as a nation.

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