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Central African Republic forms unity government

The Seleka Rebels win major ministerial posts in new leadership.

WTO chief urges multilateral trade facilitation

The world's GDP could grow by six times if regulatory trade barriers are removed.

Report cautions European crisis is not over

Eurozone economies, such as Spain and Italy, are retracting, not growing, in some cases.

Syria complains to UN over Israeli raid

Several countries have condemned the Israeli attack inside Syrian territory.

Analysts: Dip in US GDP but no recession

The US economy shrunk by 0.1 per cent in the fourth quarter of 2012.

Syria says Israel hit military research area

Israeli officials fear chemical weapons falling into the wrong hands.

WTO chief warns against ‘zero-sum’ world

Director-General Pascal Lamy says optimism over multipolarised trade now seems distant.

Billionaire backs Asia’s version of Nobel Prize

The Tang Prize will recognise outstanding achievement in four categories.

US expands military presence in West Africa

US officials say the base will be used for surveillance but could be expanded for missile strikes.

State’s failed policies fuel Egypt’s public anger

The Ministry of Health has said 40 people have been killed in clashes throughout Egypt.