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Brazil presidential candidate dies in plane crash
August 13, 2014, 5:20 pm

Campos was aboard a small private jet that crashed into a residential area in Brazil [AP]

Campos was aboard a small private jet that crashed into a residential area in Brazil [AP]

Brazilian officials on Wednesday said presidential candidate and leader of Brazilian Socialist Party (PSB) Eduardo Campos has died in a plane crash on Wednesday.

A shocked Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff condoled his death soon after reports surfaced of the 49-year old Campos’ private jet crashing while trying to land amid bad weather in Santos city.

“Oh my God! Independent of political issues, Eduardo Campos was a great father and a great man. A tragedy!” tweeted Rousseff on Wednesday.

Rousseff announced a three-day mourning period and a three-day suspension of her presidential campaign.

Campos was running third in opinion polls ahead of the October presidential polls.

Rousseff is leading in polls with about 36 per cent of voter support while Campos had 10 per cent of voter support.

Campos had said in a 2013 interview to the UK-based Economist that he shared the feelings of Brazilians that fueled the summer of protests, where more than a million people across the country came on the streets to demand better public services.

“If I weren’t governor I would have taken to the streets too. But this year or next people will continue, on the internet, when casting votes, during political campaigns, to express this feeling of wanting more. I share it. The Brazilian street is teaching us a lesson: the dream has not ended,” he said.



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