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Xi Jinping to attend BRICS Summit
March 9, 2013, 12:22 pm

Communist Party general secretary Xi Jinping (left) will become China’s next president, replacing Hu Jintao (right) [Xinhua]

Communist Party general secretary Xi Jinping (left) will soon become China’s next president, replacing Hu Jintao (right) [Xinhua]

Xi Jinping, China’s new president, will attend the 5th BRICS Summit in South Africa later this month, says China’s foreign minister.

“The BRICS mechanism has become an important force in countering the international financial crisis, driving world economic growth, improving the governance of the global economy, and promoting democracy in international relations,” Yang Jiechi, China’s foreign minister, said at a press conference.

South Africa is to host the BRICS summit in Durban on March 26-27 – the African Union has been invited as an observer to this year’s BRICS Summit.

China’s annual parliamentary session is set to elect a new state leadership and Xi Jinping will be formally announced as president.

Xi Jinping will also visit Russia to boost ties with it’s traditional ally Russia, announced the foreign minister.

“China and Russia are each other’s biggest neighbour and see each other as a significant opportunity for development and a priority partner for cooperation,” said Yang.

“We would like to join hands with Russia, and take the opportunity presented by the upcoming visit of China’s new president to Russia to inject a strong impetus to the Sino-Russian comprehensive and strategic partnership,” said Yang.

Sergey Lavrov, Russia’s foreign minister, in a welcome address ahead of the BRICS Summit asserted that the role of BRICS in the world is growing.

“The 5th BRICS summit is convened at a time when the role of the BRICS on the political and economic stage is rapidly growing,” said Lavrov.

Source: Agencies