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Xi: Global growth requires cooperation, joint governance
January 17, 2017, 3:03 pm

Chinese President Xi Jinping met with Jurg Stahl, president of the National Council, and President of the Council of States Ivo Bischofberger, who are heads of the two chambers of the Swiss parliament, in Bern, ahead of his appearance at Davos [Xinhua]

Don’t pursue your own interests at the expense of others, Chinese President Xi Jinping told world leaders and delegates at the Davos World Economic Forum on Tuesday in staunch support of multilateralism and globalization.

Xi’s participation at Davos is the first such visit by a Chinese head of state.

The Chinese president emphasized that globalization should not be blamed for the lackluster performance of the global economy.

He said that new models of global growth and comprehensive cooperation could overcome inadequate global economic governance and unequal development.

Xi also stressed that protectionism (and isolationism) were not the answers to the global economic crisis and warned taking such measures was akin to locking oneself in a dark room.

The Chinese president reiterated statements he made at the 8th Annual Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit in Peru last November that world economies must do their utmost to combat protectionist trade policies and ensure that free trade exists between nations.

Some global leaders have warned about the impact of the UK’s Brexit and recent statements by President-elect Donald Trump about reversing US free trade commitments and policies.

To combat the existing economic challenges, Xi announced that China will host the One Belt One Road forum in May to inject fresh initiatives of interconnected development.

The BRICS Post with inputs from Agencies