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Suicide bomber kills many in southern Russia
December 29, 2013, 4:28 pm

The most critically wounded in the blast were flown to Moscow, officials said [AP[

The most critically wounded in the blast were flown to Moscow, officials said [AP[

Russian officials have said that initial investigations confirm that a female suicide bomber blew herself up killing and injuring dozens at a security checkpoint outside the Volgograd-1 train station in southern Russia.

The country’s National Anti-Terrorism Committee said the initial toll was 15 dead and at least 30 wounded, many in critical condition.

“A suicide bomber approaching a metal detector saw a policeman near it and, after growing nervous, set off an explosive device,” the Committee said in a statement.

The Committee has not yet released any information on the type of explosive used or who could have been behind the attack.

Volgograd governor Sergei Bozhenov told Russian media that doctors are fighting to save the lives of the injured.

The Emergency Situations Ministry in the capital Moscow dispatched a team of 22 doctors and medical equipment to help the injured, officials have said. Some of the most critical patients are to be medevac’d to Moscow.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has called for three days of official mourning.

On October 21, Naida Asiyalova, a suspected suicide bomber, blew herself up on a bus in Volgograd killing six and wounding more than 30 others

Source: Agencies

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