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Saudis top tweeters, Indians inactive: Study
November 18, 2013, 10:42 am


India ranks 21st on the list of countries with the most active tweeting users [Getty Images]

In some surprising new data on social media users, Saudis have emerged as the world’s most active Twitter users, while Indians ranked among the lowest tweeters on the microblogging site.

Thirty-two per cent of Saudi Arabia’s online population are active monthly Twitter users, according to PeerReach.

The study calculates Twitter penetration per country by defining the number of monthly active tweeting users relative to the total amount of internet users in that country.

In large countries such as India, Nigeria and Germany Twitter usage is low, says the study.

India ranks 21st on the list of countries with the most active tweeting users.

“Our graph with Twitter penetration numbers clearly shows a number of green fields for Twitter. In big countries like Nigeria, Germany and India, Twitter usage is still low,” the study said.

Surprisingly, the United States, the home of the microblogging platform, ranks eighth on the list.

The top five countries are non-English speaking nations, PeerReach said on its website.

Saudi Arabia and Indonesia are two countries known for the fact that most internet users do not have a PC, but access the internet through mobile devices.

“Twitter users are young, on average 24 years. The average male is 26 years old, the average female 22 years old. Teenagers dominate Twitter. Only 20 per cent of the tweeps are older than 30,” said the study.

The top ten countries with the highest active monthly users on Twitter are as follows: Saudi Arabia (1), Indonesia (2), Spain (3), Venezuela (4), Argentina (5),  the United Kingdom (6), Netherlands (7), USA (8), Japan (9) and Colombia (10).

Source: Agencies