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Russian Vodka production drops by a third
February 19, 2013, 12:15 pm

[Getty Images]

[Getty Images]

Production of vodka in Russia dropped 30 per cent in January due to record increase of excise taxes as of 2013, according to Rosstat.

Some alcohol-manufacturing plants have shut down meeting current demands from reserves in the last quarter of 2012.

All of the major Russian vodka producers have experienced the decline.

Federal producers saw their output drastically slump – from 45.9 to 95.7 per cent.

And the overall figure across the country stands at 30.3 per cent.

The output of other spirits face the same crunch.

The output of distillery products above 25 per cent alcohol dropped by 22.8 per cent.

sparkling wine dropped by 19.4 per cent and cognacs by 18.8 per cent.

Such a significant decrease in hard spirits output is attributed to the steepest increase of excise taxes in years.

In January 2011 and 2012 excise taxes went up by 10 per cent, but as 2013 the increase totaled 33 per cent.

Source: Agencies