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Russia says EU extension of sanctions “narrow-minded”
January 30, 2015, 10:19 am

Danish Foreign Minister Martin Lidegaard (R) talks with Polish counterpart Grzegorz Schetyna prior to an extraordinary European Union foreign ministers meeting at EU headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, Jan. 29, 2015 [Xinhua]

Danish Foreign Minister Martin Lidegaard (R) talks with Polish counterpart Grzegorz Schetyna prior to an extraordinary European Union foreign ministers meeting at EU headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, Jan. 29, 2015 [Xinhua]

Russia has criticized the EU decision to extend sanctions against Moscow over the Ukraine crisis calling it “narrow-minded”.

“By acting in such a narrow-minded way, the EU in essence is subjecting to additional tests our partnership — the partnership between Russia and the European Union, which is regrettable,” Russian ambassador to the EU Vladimir Chizhov was quoted by Russian agency Tass.

In his words, “besides selective assessments of these or those events, sweeping criticism of Russia is the dominating element. As if Russia, and not the Kiev authorities with the connivance of the EU, had unfolded the bloodbath in eastern Ukraine.”

“The call for implementation of the Minsk agreements contrasts with statements heard in the past few days from the Ukrainian capital that they are no longer content with the Minsk agreements and it’s necessary to seek another format,” Chizhov said.

“But while these conversations can be heard, shelling of residential districts of Donetsk, Luhansk, Gorlovka continue. And nothing is said, for example, about the situation of Gorlovka residents,” he said.

He, however, ruled out Russian talks with EU on sanctions.

“We have not held, are not holding and are not going to hold any talks on sanctions with the EU,” the ambassador said.

The Russian envoy also said the EU’s mechanism to arrive at the decision to extend sanctions was “vague”.

“(EU foreign policy chief Federica) Mogherini, while summing up the meeting on Thursday, selected three components in the EU’s reaction to deterioration of the situation in eastern Ukraine. Unfortunately, all three are wrong,” he said.

“This is a rather vague formula with anything behind — from what, for example, Russia expects from the European Union (pressure on the Kiev authorities) to develop packages of sanctions,” he added.

The top diplomats of the 28 EU member countries decided on Thursday to extend individual sanctions against Russia and eastern Ukrainian militias. Federica Mogherini, told reporters in Brussels on Thursday that she and the bloc’s 28 foreign ministers had agreed to draw up a new list of people to be targeted by sanctions within the next week.

Meanwhile, a Reuters report quoted diplomatic sources as saying Moscow and Washington are discussing a possible visit to Russia by US Secretary of State John Kerry to discuss the Ukraine crisis.


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2 Responses to Russia says EU extension of sanctions “narrow-minded”

  1. mahsi k Reply

    February 2, 2015 at 11:43 am

    The demonizing of Russia and the inflaming old fears in the minds of the American public by it’s own media, has been very expertly done. Slowly over time, starting even before George Bush Jr. took office, thPutin’sign started. Oddly enough it was about the time Mr. Putin became president in 2000. To say that one started to notice subliminal flash messaging on American television would of course be written off as paranoid delusion. Myself, not watching much television, saw enough to know long before the quote “Ukraine Crisis” that the US had again decided to target Russia. It is now socially acceptable and politically correct for the American public to hate the Russians again. They can’t help themselves, and attempts to point out sequence of relatively recent events that gradually led up to this current “crisis” conflict with emotional responses set in place and reinforced by this media’s programming. It is always less disturbing to side with one’s emotions than with facts that are to the contrary. Having followed the situation as accurately as I could, with admitedly only American news scources available, I wonder about the mentioned possible visit to Russia by John Kerry, because in trying to look at a bigger picture the timing on this seems to coincide with US announcement of arming Kiev and possibly s3nding US troops as well. We all know that Russia had no choice but to take Crimea, and the downing of a Malaysian Airlines plane less than 24 hrs after news came out of the start of the Brics development bank seemed very odd timing. This of course was run with by the media, and another nail was driven into the collective belief that the Russians had to be taken down again. Facts did not matter. It was the west that initiated the ousting of Ukraine’s President. It may just be me, but I see a flashpoint coming ! US troops in Ukraine ? Is Kerry going to be there to threaten ? Or does someone in the US know what that move would set in motion ? US troops in Ukraine are just plain not acceptable ! If I were in Vladimar Putin’s shoes I would like to believe that I would say that enough is enough. Is Kerry to make another “Turkey Deal” ? I sincerely hope that as in 1962, that good sense prevails and that he does just that ! People can only be pushed so far. Let us hope there are those that know that. The Russians will not go down a 2nd time without serious blowback.

    • Miriam Reply

      June 13, 2015 at 3:16 pm

      Hi –
      I might be a little naive here, but from as an impartial a point of view as you can, could you explain why “Russia had no choice but to take Crimea”?

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