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Russia, Austria to start joint production of aircrafts
November 8, 2013, 10:14 am

[Getty Images]

The Russian government has made the revival of regional aviation services a key priority [Getty Images]

Russian and Austrian aircraft makers will jointly produce a new light utility aircraft in 2016 in a special economic zone in the Ulyanovsk region, officials said Thursday.

“We are delighted that the decision has been made to produce regional jets, including in the Ulyanovsk special economic zone, and that a budget of seven billion rubles [$215 million] is envisaged for the purpose by a draft governmental decree,” the Ulyanovsk region administration quoted a Russian presidential envoy as saying in a statement.

A cooperation agreement was signed earlier this year in June between Russia’s Ural Civil Aviation Works, a subsidiary of state corporation Rostec, and Austria’s Diamond Aircraft International.

The special economic zone where the plant will be constructed is now being built at the Ulyanovsk-Vostochny international airport.

According to Boeing estimates, the number of passengers carried by Russian airlines rose 15.5 per cent to 74 million last year.

Russia, once a global aviation power, is facing huge challenges in transport links to its remotest areas.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday announced more funds from the National Wealth Fund to boost the sagging transport sector.

There is a surge in demand for air transport in remote areas where there are no rail or road links, especially in Siberia.

Russian national carrier Aeroflot in October announced plans to launch a low-cost airline in 2014, aiming to make air travel more affordable in the world’s largest country with fares up to 40 per cent cheaper than its current prices.

The Russian government has made the revival of regional aviation services a key priority, and has started a programme to redevelop airports and subsidise air services.

Source: Agencies

One Response to Russia, Austria to start joint production of aircrafts

  1. Eraldo Marcelo Kopp Reply

    November 10, 2013 at 2:59 pm

    Truly the time is coming for the total coming back of the Soviet Union, BUT adopting the Chinese style of trade! The socialism of China is precisely the same disciplined USA industry wise speaking after the WW2! USA was very “socialist” minded after WW2 but it “reflected” as high production output making USA a world power to reckon with!
    This time and place requires the returning of USSR a 100% BUT as a military power protector of the world. The sole organizer of the military power involved in protecting the trade of this period!
    It does not mean take over but an adoption of Chinese practices of trade combined with Soviet tactics of protecting such…
    USSR is already showing itself extremely capable of substituting USA in protecting trade worldwide. USA won’t last for very long! Truly he economics of USA is very faulty and the military is weakening as the months go by! Another 24-26 months maximum the USA must be placed aside as an auxiliary force and no longer as leader of the market!
    Dragon Mart is opening in Cancun Mexico next year in September 2014 first phase, and Mexico wilt provide up to 5 X cheaper products there than in USA, making the USA economy even worst!
    On top of that, the second Panama canal is opening in October 2014 reinforcing the Chinese trade even further…
    The soviets have the task of taking the military leadership and protecting with the best of their ability the trade of the world!
    Cuba and Congo must be counted in this plan and the war in Congo must be halted by the soviets later and the riches of Congo must be transported out of there via rail…
    The work of Che in Congo must be finalized and the soviets must lead!

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