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Putin: We’ll work with new US administration
December 2, 2016, 2:07 am

Putin said Russia is not looking for enemies and would work with Washington to ensure global stability [Xinhua]

Putin said Russia is not looking for enemies and would work with Washington to ensure global stability [Xinhua]

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that Moscow does not want to go to war or enter into confrontation and any other country in the world.

During his annual state of the nation televised address Putin said he wanted to work closely with the new US Administration adding that Moscow needs friends to ensure global stability.

He added that Moscow and Washington share responsibility to ensure international security and stability and for enhancing anti-proliferation mechanisms to ensure that nuclear weapons do not spread and do not fall into the hands of terrorists.

But Putin also said that Russia would not allow outside interference in its affairs.

“But we won’t allow any infringement on our interests and neglect of them,” he said.

His speech given at the St. George’s Hall of the Great Kremlin Palace warned about global divisions and conflicts spawned by political, ethnic, religious, and social tensions.

Russia and the US have in recent years significantly diverged on the issue of Middle East policy, specifically when it came to the Syrian Civil War.

On Thursday night, Putin praised Russian military servicemen and women for destroying the specter of international terrorism posed by such groups as the Nusra front and Islamic State in Syria.

There has also been considerable tension between Russia and the NATO alliance.

“We are committed to a friendly, equal dialogue to upholding the principles of justice and mutual respect and international affairs … we are ready for serious discussion on the creation of a stable system of international relations in the 21st century,” Putin said about efforts to work with the NATO countries.

Putin also praised Russia’s relationship with China as being one of the key components of global governance working toward regional stability.

“It serves as an example of relations in the world order built not on the idea of domination of one country however strong it is, but on the harmonious account of the interests of all states,” he said in his annual state of the union address to the Federal Assembly.

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