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Putin: Russia will aid reconstruction of Yemen
April 3, 2013, 8:15 am


President Hadi emphasised Yemen’s commitment to peace and security in the region [PPIO]

Russian President Vladimir Putin has met with his Yemeni counterpart Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi in Moscow and assured him of Russia’s full-fledged support.

Russia will do everything in its power to help and support you, to create the conditions for the reconstruction and development of your country, to raise living standards and create good living conditions for your friendly nation,” Putin said.

The sides have discussed bilateral relations as well as current international issues.

Besides defence cooperation, the governments of Russia and Yemen are studying the prospects of involving the Russian companies in large projects in Yemen, predominantly electroenergetics, oil and gas sectors, and transport infrastructure.

The Russo-Yemeni business council, set up in 2005, will play an active role in this task.

The Yemeni president stressed that the two countries share a long history of friendly relations, which started almost 85 years ago.

“I come from a country that has enjoyed a traditional friendly relationship with your country since the days of the Soviet Union. This year we will celebrate the 85th anniversary of our bilateral relations,” Yemeni president said.

In 2002 the countries signed the “Declaration on the Principles of Friendly Relations and Cooperation Between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Yemen.”

However, as Putin pointed out, trade turnover between Russia and Yemen is quite small, but has a potential – it increased by 43 per cent over the past year and reached $234 million.

“The economic relations between our two countries are developing successfully. Unfortunately, the total volume is not very high but last year we posted a high growth rate: a 43 per cent increase in trade. There are other areas that have always been of mutual interest, in particular defence cooperation” said Putin.

President Hadi emphasised Yemen’s commitment to peace and security in the region, despite the turbulent events of 2011.

“I reiterate, we achieved all this though great effort, as over a six-month period there was a real threat of a split in the army and in security agencies. But together we managed to overcome it, and Russia has played an important role,” said Hadi.

Daria Chernyshova