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Putin extends condolences to typhoon-hit Philippines
November 10, 2013, 7:59 am

"I don't know how to describe what I saw. It's horrific," Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas, who flew to Tacloban city on Saturday, said on television footage [AP Images]

“I don’t know how to describe what I saw. It’s horrific,” Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas, who flew to Tacloban city on Saturday, said on television footage [AP Images]

Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed his condolences to Philippine President Benigno Aquino following the powerful Haiyan typhoon that has killed at least 10,000 people.

“The Russian president conveyed words of sincere compassion to the relatives and loved ones of the deceased and wished a swift recovery to all those injured,” according to a statement on the Kremlin’s website on Sunday.

Estimates by officials in Tacloban city, the worst hit capital of Leyte province, put the death toll at 10000, local daily Inquirer quoted regional police chief Elmer Soria.

Soria said the deaths were mostly from drowning and collapsed buildings.

“I don’t know how to describe what I saw. It’s horrific,” Interior Secretary Manuel Roxas, who flew to Tacloban city on Saturday, said on television footage.

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has said that up to 1.7 million Philippine children could be affected by the super typhoon.

An average of 20 typhoons strike the Philippines every year, and Haiyan was the 24th in 2013.

The typhoon now is moving towards Vietnam at a speed of 35 km/ph.

Source: Agencies

One Response to Putin extends condolences to typhoon-hit Philippines

  1. Eraldo Marcelo Kopp Reply

    November 10, 2013 at 7:06 pm

    Very nice remark from Mr Putin!
    It shows bit by bit the huge change from the previous USSR!
    The new Soviet Union has more flexibility and gives the world a greater trust of protection and mediation!
    The pacific remains the driver of the new system! The BRICS are the very core of the new system but the drive comes from the pacific and its serious ways of trade! The talk involves a serious way of trade including discipline and trust so the whole system is then served with competent ways of promoting growth.
    There is a big WARNING coming from Brazil! Here the situation is extremely precarious! The federal government is NOT leaning towards the goals of the BRICS but simply expecting the best of it!
    So, lets understand the distinctions from government X Brazilian
    The government is set for dirty gains ONLY! Brazil was colonized by thieves and scoundrels during the Portuguese crown and whatsoever scoundrels were found in prison or on land was instantly put to work in ships and then brought over for “work”! So AGAIN, the nation started out as a country of convicts and scoundrels but later became prominent as they mixed themselves with the locals and, some of them, ended up in positions of “responsibilities”… There were many periods later on that the government was truly responsible but counting from one hand only the number of times…
    The short of it is this; next year in Fortaleza Ceara Brazil 2014 BRICS gathering simply DO NOT EXPECT MUCH FROM BRAZIL!
    What is promised simply is not delivered!
    The Chinese investments in 2007 regarding infra-structure thus far only a tiny portion was achieved but much of it stolen!
    The pre-sal layer takes US$354 bln for international use and thus far not viable due to its depth(7km in some cases). This pre-sal was made equivalent of the project north canal of the 90’s where “BRAZIL WOULD HAVE HAD EXPORTED TONS AND TONS OF GRAIN FROM N.E. BRAZIL MAKING THIS NATION ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT OF THE WORLD IN GRAIN EXPORTATION!” Barely a few was granted a such title…
    Coltan is the real deal here but the government is trying the civilized enslaved the people so the luxury of these scoundrels politicians are served with a group of ignorant and barely educated people but not of their own making mostly!
    President Dilma has shown herself very incompetent! She simply does not know how to discipline our country so Brazil could become a partner amongst the 5. She simply PLEASES the Brazilian politics with tactics from the 1970’s “lifting Brazil as similar as lifting a stock aid against coming pirates”, but the analogy comes on reverse! The politicians are simply talking and posing serious reforms to invite investor but bringing them into a stocked aided where they can not go out after wards…
    Brazil has a huge potential, but must be entirely reformed first or it won’t work!
    Dilma has asked from investor US$270 bln for infra-structure, 220bln for oil and gas, 75bln for energy and generation thereof. Total 565bln of USD making more than 1trln reals besides country’s money on top of it for such bad designed plan…She is hiding behind spying and she does not know how to play in a group of nations and the point is she does not even speak English! She expects others to speak Portuguese instead!
    This amount of money requested US$565 bln, if granted, WILT MOSTLY ENDED UP IN POCKETS NOT WISHED FOR!!!
    The US$370 bln left by Luis Inacio was already spent! There is no money for road repairs and construction, but they can print more money if they want to!
    Inflation is increasing and interest wilt rise another .25% until the end of 2013.
    Dimla purchased from Germany 32 obsolete military tanks on May, several robots for searching of travelers bags, got herself involved with 12 stadiums rather than 9 indicated by FIFA, some of these stadiums were so badly built that roughly 300 toilets were defectives, the Maracana stadium was badly reformed, not enough space, eating places are badly designed and the security is truly faulty… These are some of the problems faced by the HARD WORKING BRAZILIANS! The people are great but the gov. is a piece of !@#$$%%%^^&>!
    2014 is a very important year for Brazil but the plan for Brazil must have international supervision or it wilt ended up as the Philipines’ situation with the cyclone economicaly speaking!

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