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King on Russian telly soon
June 4, 2013, 9:40 am

[Getty Images]

Larry King has 56 years of media experience [Getty Images]

American talk show legend Larry King will host a political talk show on Russian government owned RT (Russia Today TV) from next month.

“I have always been passionate about government and issues that impact the public, and I’m thrilled at the opportunity to talk politics with some of the most influential people in Washington and around the country,” King said.

King has 56 years of media experience and has interviewed over 50,000 policy makers, celebrities and economists.

“I appreciate the importance of providing a platform to those with real alternative visions for our country’s future,” King said.

RT’s editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan has called him a “terrific fit for the network”.

“It’s quite the coup for RT to give King his next big network programme,” Rory Suchet, RT anchor told The BRICS Post.

“Of course RT and Larry King are excited to be working together, a relationship that many hope will blossom into the next big chapter not just for Larry King, but also for RT and its worldwide audience,” said Rory Suchet, who used to work with Larry King at CNN.

King’s programmes “Politics with Larry King” and “Larry King Now” will be recorded via RT’s Washington studio and the channel will be the exclusive US broadcaster for both shows.

Larry King is the second prominent name for RT after WikiLeaks website founder Julian Assange.

RT’s recent emphasis on young faces has made a departure with the 79-year-old Larry King.

Daria Chernyshova