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Final Syria chemical weapons report in December – official
November 1, 2013, 2:23 am

The OPCW's Sigrid Kaaf says Syria cooperated fully with UN weapons inspectors [Xinhua]

The OPCW’s Sigrid Kaaf says Syria cooperated fully with UN weapons inspectors [Xinhua]

A statement released by the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW)  confirmed on Thursday that the Syrian government had completed the functional destruction of equipment once used in its declared chemical weapons.

“By doing so, Syria has met the deadline set by the OPCW Executive Council to ‘complete as soon as possible and in any case not later than 1 November 2013, the destruction of chemical weapons production and mixing/filling equipment’.

The Joint OPCW UN Mission was able to inspect 21 of 23 sites; the remaining two were not approached due to security reasons, but Syrian officials said these had been abandoned and their armaments moved to areas already visited by the UN experts.

On October 22,  the head of the Joint OPCW UN Mission said Damascus was cooperating fully to locate and destroy its stock of banned arms.

“To date, the Government of Syria has fully cooperated in supporting the work of the advance team and the OPCW-UN Joint Mission,” said a statement from the  Special Coordinator Sigrid Kaag who was visiting the Syrian capital at the time.

Meanwhile, also on Thursday, UN spokesperson Martin Nesirky told reporters that the UN inspectors who arrived in Syria in late August to investigate alleged use of chemical weapons will now deliver their final report in early December.

“The final report is expected to be finalized in early December, after all information gathered by the UN Mission has been evaluated,” Nesirky said, adding that a number of samples were still being analysed.

Source: Agencies