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China’s Communist Party urges anti-corruption drive
December 30, 2013, 5:22 am

Chinese policemen walk into the Jinan Intermediate People's Court [Getty Images]

Chinese policemen walk into the Jinan Intermediate People’s Court [Getty Images]

In a further crackdown on corruption, China has ordered strict enforcement of a regulation that requires officials to report their assets and their family members’ earnings.

The ruling Communist Party of China said in a circular issued recently that authorities will enhance supervision to ensure officials’ assets reports are accurate.

Corruption has long been a major public complaint in the world’s second largest economy. On Saturday, state media said more than 500 officials in Hunan resigned following an election bribery scandal.

In the period from 2008-2012, China has punished 668,400 people for “Party discipline violations” and more than 24,600 suspects have been referred for investigation according to official data.

An amended criminal law in 2011, criminalizes bribery of foreign government officials.

A revised regulation issued in 2010 requires officials to report their marriage status, property, and their children’s and spouses’ earnings, overseas business dealings and other investment activities.

According to published reports, many Chinese officials have circumvented the regulation by transferring their illegal gains overseas, or to their spouses or children.

According to the new regulation, officials who fail to report their assets will face punishments ranging from reprimand to dismissal.

Authorities will also launch random checks on the authenticity and integrity of the reports, according to the circular.

Chinese internet users, especially on China’s popular micro-blogging site, Weibo, have regularly exposed and spotted corrupt officials sometimes pre-empting a government probe.

The new Chinese leadership has shown determination to fight corruption even as the party has acknowledged that rising public anger over corrupt officials is a threat to stability.

Chinese President Xi Jinping, shortly after assuming office, urged all officials to “build a clean government, show self-discipline and restrain their relatives and associates.”


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