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China warns developed nations on climate change
May 4, 2013, 7:41 am

[Xinhua Images]


As global representatives gathering at German city of Bonn for a new round of UN climate change talks, China’s Chief Negotiator Su Wei warned developed countries that their historical responsibility for climate change is un-evadable.

This week in Bonn saw some developed countries trying to push a new interpretation about the key Convention principle of “equity” and “common but differentiated responsibilities”.

They claimed that differentiation in obligations based on a developed-developing country was not suitable anymore, as the economy capacity and emission share had changed, asking developing countries to offer mitigation efforts with the same nature with those from developed countries.

“That will definitely not be accepted by developing countries,” said Su.

China has stressed that developed countries had a major responsibility on global climate change.

“The developed countries’ emission space has been used up by their historically accumulated emission. They now have to undertake ambitious, legally binding and economy-wide quantified emission reduction commitments. Developing countries’ mitigation actions in the context of sustainable development should be consistent with their national circumstances and supported and enabled by adequate finance, technology and capacity building support from developed countries. This is what the principle of ‘equity’ and ‘common but differentiated responsibility’ is about,” said Su Wei.

He criticized that some developed countries hadn’t made enough mitigation ambitions that could reflect their capacity and responsibility for the second commitment period of Kyoto Protocal, which would last until 2020.

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