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China to open new Antarctic research base
November 1, 2013, 11:23 am


A Chinese scientific expedition team will leave Shanghai on November 7 [Xinhua]

China is planning a new research station in Antarctica, according to the country’s State Oceanic Administration (SOA).

The Taishan Station will be set up between the existing Zhongshan and Kunlun Stations to provide logistical support, according to Qu Tanzhou, Director of Arctic and Antarctic Administration at the SOA.

The station will be the fourth of its kind in Antarctica.

Natural resources in the Antarctic include massive oil reserves with some projections suggesting oil fields of the Ross Sea in the region are second only to oil-rich Saudi Arabia.

A Chinese scientific expedition team will leave Shanghai on November 7 to carry out multiple investigations, including setting up the Taishan station.

The Taishan Station will be used from December to March by Chinese researchers to study geology, glaciers, geomagnetism and the atmosphere in Antarctica.

A shutdown in the American Antarctica base has adversely affected US research projects, including the ice-loss probe in the region owing to the recent US government shutdown.

Scientists claim the health of global marine life is dependent on the Antarctic region.

Source: Agencies

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