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China, Russia set for joint military drill
July 27, 2013, 9:13 am

China and Russia had earlier in July held naval exercises, “Joint Sea – 2013”, which was China’s largest military drills with a foreign partner.(Xinhua Images)

China and Russia held “Joint Sea – 2013” naval exercises earlier in July [Xinhua]

Chinese military soldiers are arriving in Russia for a 20-day joint military drill with Russian forces, the second joint exercises scheduled for this summer.

“The drills will have three phases, including troop deployment, war planning and campaign drills,” said Geng Yansheng, the spokesman for China’s Defense Ministry.

Chinese troops attending the drills include a planning panel, a command, an infantry combat group, an air force combat group and a logistics group.

Two Chinese Mi-171 military transport helicopters and four Z-9 armed helicopters carrying 72 soldiers have taken off for Russia’s Chebarkul training range, Chinese military commander Zhang Yan said.

The exercises of “Peace Mission 2013” are scheduled from July 27 to August 15, and will be carried out in Chelyabinsk in Russia’s Ural Mountains region.

The exercises would boost preparations for launching military operations by troops from the two militaries during joint anti-terrorism operations, says an official statement from Russia.

China and Russia held naval exercises earlier in July, “Joint Sea – 2013”, China’s largest military drills with a foreign partner.

China has asserted that the drills are not targeted towards any nation, and has criticised media reports that the drills were a counter to US-Japan joint exercises conducted around the same time.

According to China Military Online, the Japan-US joint military drill site was less than 800 km from the waters where the China-Russia military exercise was held.

Source: Agencies