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China, India to set up military hotline
November 1, 2013, 4:44 am

The crucial Border defence cooperation agreement was signed between the two countries during Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's state visit to China last week [Getty Images]

The crucial Border Defence Cooperation Agreement was signed between the two countries during Indian prime minister Manmohan Singh’s state visit to China last week [Getty Images]

China and India are considering establishing a hotline between the headquarters of the countries’ armed forces, according to a recently signed agreement, a Chinese Defence Ministry spokesman said on Thursday.

The crucial Border Defence Cooperation Agreement was signed between the two countries during Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s state visit to China last week.

Chinese Defence Ministry spokesman Yang Yujun told a press conference in Beijing that, “Relevant military personnel and departments may hold regular meetings” to continue to promote mutual trust in the Line of Actual Control.

He added that, “the Chinese army is willing to work with India to constantly promote mutual trust, enhance cooperation and maintain peace and stability of the border areas so as to benefit relations between the two countries”.

The two countries already have hotlines between the two prime ministers Offices.

A military hotline would be a direct communication link between the armies of the two neighbours.

The military communications channel is designed to reduce the risk of friction at the border.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry described the border accord signed between the two sides as the “highlight” of Singh’s trip.

India and China have also announced joint military exercises in November in Chengdu region after a gap of nearly five years.

Source: Agencies

One Response to China, India to set up military hotline

  1. Eraldo Marcelo Kopp Reply

    November 2, 2013 at 2:10 pm

    The hotline is truly important amongst the nations of the BRICS!
    It is important also the alignment of the nations primarily involved with the designers meaning China, USSR and Africa!
    India is a great country and it has more than a 1000 years of experience in trade and politics…
    What can we understand of these countries and their friendship?
    The BRICS system led by China is the initiation of the system trade of the end! The meaning of end simply indicates the best of the best! There won’t be a system equaling of what is shortly coming!
    The socialism of China should be considered amongst the BRICS countries BUT must fit their own way of trade’s practices; E.G. China has a discipline of production as USA used to have after WW2. The industry discipline is a must so nations become reliable in maintaining the system on top… Regarding the socialism, each nation must decide what kind of politics is best except never tempering with production disciplines…
    There are are a few exceptions such as CHINA, USSR and AFRICA! These countries must adopt the socialism of China in many aspects because these are the main designers and, amongst themselves, must not exist “friction”! They must be unified as a one team giving the example for the others…
    Other countries can consider the trade’s practices and disciplines generated by these countries including their particular ways of dealing with the economy…
    The military involvement must be given solely to USSR!
    The soviets are sole leaders of the military organization given a slack to China and Africa and protect the trade based from the Chinese way of delivery and trade organization!
    Submarine warfare is the main bulk of security! These are the silent service units and the main protectors without interference(meaning not obstructing ships bringing normal cargo)… The directives of these protectors are organized by the soviets and the objectives, patrols and schedules are set solely by them…
    India has a basic role of designing and, at this moment prior of the visit of Mister Xi and Mister Kabila in Congo next year 2014, is awaiting stand by status. After the deals are closed, then India must be on stand by(militarily speaking), awaiting orders from USSR!
    Then Later CUBA and Congo must link up making the rail road from South Africa and Congo available for the later re-development of Cuba besides other tasks. This should work on behalf of USSR as a point of patrol…

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