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China, India need win-win cooperation- Xi
March 20, 2013, 11:28 am


China’s new president meets news agencies from BRICS countries in Beijing, China [Xinhua]

China’s new president says his country is committed to “pushing forward the strategic partnership between India and China”.

“China sees its relations with India as one of the most important bilateral relationships,” President Xi Jinping said in an interview with media from the five BRICS countries.

President Xi proposed five steps to boost ties between the two countries.

“First, to maintain strategic communication and keep bilateral relations on the right track,” said the president, according to a transcript made available.

Mr Xi also said India and China should focus on complimenting strengths.

“Second, we should harness each other’s comparative strength and expand win-win cooperation in infrastructure, mutual investment and other areas,” he urged.

“Third, we should strengthen cultural ties and constantly increase mutual understanding and friendship between our peoples.

“Fourth, we should expand coordination and collaboration in multilateral affairs to jointly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of developing countries and tackle global challenges.

“Fifth, we should accommodate each other’s core concerns and properly handle problems and differences existing between the two countries,”  the Chinese president outlined.

“China and India have a traditional friendship. We are the two largest developing countries in the world and combined population exceeds 2.5 billion,” Mr Xi said during the joint interview.

The president also said Sino-Indian ties should follow the path of development through cooperation that meets the common interests of the two countries.

“We should seize these opportunities and take solid steps to bolster exchange and cooperation in all fields and take China India relations to a new height.” suggested the new president.

Source: Agencies