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China accuses US of unfair anti-dumping measures
November 29, 2017, 11:42 am

China has repeatedly accused the US of straining their vast economic relationship through a slew of anti-dumping measures [Xinhua]

Beijing has again criticized the US for its recent anti-dumping investigations on general aluminum alloy sheets imported from China.

“China is strongly discontent with the trade protectionism tendency shown in the U.S. move,” a statement from the Ministry of Commerce said on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, US media reported that the Trump administration had taken the unusual step of initiating an anti-dumping probe into these Chinese exports despite not having been prodded by American companies and industries.

The move appears to follow criticism voiced by US President Donald Trump of what he said were unfair Chinese trade policies.

Just a month ago, Beijing accused Washington of distorting reality after Washington slapped penalties of up to 243 per cent on aluminum imports from China.

The US Commerce Department has been imposing such punitive measures against Chinese exports for some time.

In July 2014, it moved against Chinese exports of photo-voltaic products after a petition filed by Oregon-based SolarWorld Industries.

A few months later, the Commerce Department accused China of exporting the industrial compound Melamine far below fair value prices in US markets.

China’s Ministry of Commerce has repeatedly urged the United States to abide by its commitment against protectionism and work with China to maintain a free, open and just trade environment.

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