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BRICS role in world growing- Lavrov
March 8, 2013, 4:40 pm


Russia says they will use the G20 presidency to advance BRICS [AP]

Sergey Lavrov, Russia’s foreign minister has said that BRICS is becoming an important part of the 21st century global governance system.

“The 5th BRICS summit is convened at a time when the role of the BRICS on the political and economic stage is rapidly growing,” said Lavrov in a welcome address ahead of the summit in Durban.

The BRICS ambit has grown since its inception, with the group also taking united stands on Iran and Syria, among others.

“We are pleased to note a growing commonality of approaches among BRICS partners to the most pressing issues of the world agenda such as the Syrian crisis, Afghanistan,” said Lavrov.

The foreign minister thanked BRICS partners for supporting priorities put forward by Russia at the G20 and asserted that Russia will work to advance the BRICS in the world financial order.

“New opportunities to strengthen the position of BRICS are arising in the context of Russia’s G20 Presidency.”

BRICS members have been calling for a reorganisation of key international financial and economic institutions.

“Russia is committed to a gradual transformation of  BRICS from a dialogue forum on a limited number of issues into a full-fledged mechanism of strategic cooperation on key international political and economic issues,” announced the foreign minister.

Lavrov also suggested aiming to complement the markets and resources of the BRICS nations.

“Another strategic goal should be the promotion of economic cooperation resting upon the complementarity of our natural resources, large markets.”

Russia, the world’s biggest energy exporter has decided to raise oil flows to China, the world’s top energy consumer.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been insisting on Russia decreasing its dependence on European gas markets.

BRICS will also seek common resolutions to issues of international information security, and efforts to combat international terrorism and piracy.

Lavrov said Russia attaches great importance to its membership in BRICS “which is becoming an integral part of the system of global governance in the 21st century.”

President Putin underlined in February this year that strengthening of BRICS is a foreign policy priority of Russia.

Lavrov praised India’s able presidency during which significant breakthroughs were achieved and also welcomed South Africa’s first presidency of the group.

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