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Brazil’s Temer recovering from heart surgery
November 26, 2017, 10:42 am

Temer’s party has been beset by corruption accusation, potentially derailing his efforts to spearhead a revitalization of Brazil’s economy in 2017? [Xinhua]

Doctors at the Sirio Libanes Hospital in Sao Paulo, where Michel Temer had surgery to clear three blocked coronary arteries, said the president is recovering well.

Temer is expected to leave hospital either late Monday or early Tuesday, his doctors said.

Temer, 77, has been undergoing a number of medical procedures since he was admitted to hospital on October 25 during a session of Congress.

He was released the same day.

He was readmitted on October 27 to continue some urologic tests, his doctors said.

Temer has had a number of health problems this month, including a partial obstruction in his coronary arteries.

The president has been battling a number of corruption allegations since he took office two years ago.

On October 25, the Chamber of Deputies in Congress, however, cleared him by a vote of 251 to 233 of bribery and obstruction of justice charges which had been brought in September by Brazil’s former prosecutor general Rodrigo Janot.

In August, the same Chamber blocked another corruption case brought against Temer, this time stemming from charges of accepting $11.47 million in bribes from officials at Brazil’s biggest meatpacker, JBS SA, to cover up corruption within their company.

The officials had offered up the information as part of a plea bargain during an investigation into corruption in the meatpacking industry.

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