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Brazil announces secure email system to thwart NSA
October 15, 2013, 6:00 am

The President had earlier canceled a trip to Washington saying she had not received adequate answers from her US counterpart Barack Obama on the spying allegations [Getty Images]

The President had earlier cancelled a trip to Washington saying she had not received adequate answers from her US counterpart Barack Obama on the spying allegations [Getty Images]

Brazil on Monday announced it would shield government communication from surveillance by the United States and other intelligence agencies by setting up a secure email system next month.

“This is the first measure towards expanding privacy and inviolability of official communication,” tweeted Brazilian President Rousseff on Monday.

The technology will be implemented in November.

“Using Expresso V3 in the communications system will completely rid the government of all espionage,” said Marcos Mazoni, head of the Federal Data Processing System.

The new indigenous security technology will host all traffic on its servers and use only state-owned cable networks, with no participation of foreign companies or networks.

“Determined to deploy SERPRO system to secure emails across the federal government,” said President Rousseff on Monday.

The president had earlier cancelled a trip to Washington saying she had not received adequate answers from her US counterpart Barack Obama on the spying allegations.

Documents leaked by former US National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden showed the US and Canadian governments had spied on Brazilian citizens, officials and companies.

Targets included Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff’s official communications, the Mines and Energy Ministry and state oil and gas giant Petrobras.

The documents also revealed that Canada and the US shared collected information with their allies as part of a global surveillance scheme purportedly set up to fight terrorism.

The Brazilian government said it is updating its security on all fronts and also plans to develop a secure e-mail system for private citizens.

Rousseff had strongly criticised the United States in her opening speech at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) last month.

“Brazil, Mr President, knows how to protect itself. We reject, fight and do not harbour terrorist groups,” said President Rousseff.

The Brazilian president announced to world leaders gathered in New York that the country will usher in new legislation and technology to shield its citizens from such surveillance.

She also urged the UN to form a global body that would draft international rules on privacy and security in cyberspace.

“The time is ripe to create the conditions to prevent cyberspace from being used as a weapon of war, through espionage, sabotage and attacks against systems and infrastructure of other countries,” she said.

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One Response to Brazil announces secure email system to thwart NSA

  1. Eraldo Marcelo Kopp Reply

    October 19, 2013 at 3:14 pm

    Truly the NSA people are a bit scoundrels! The top chief was kicked out recently and 10 years of work wasted! Coming from the US military then we should not be surprised! I served there myself and the mental state of US military is simply twisted beyond measure! Every aspect is military might and power while making themselves desensitized of what they should be doing and saving but rather USA is the greatest problem of this planet thus far!!!
    Snowden did a great job! He must yet reveal the rest of it! He must speak 100% and clean up the system!
    In Brazil this topic has become a novel for politicians to hide behind! The espionage has not done any damage!!! It is 100% intact including the personal emails of the Brazilian president!
    It was dirty what US has done, but it did not cause any trouble thus far! The problem in Brazil is the Brazilian president! She is weak and runs around with a socer bal showing around the world cup event and spending away our hard earned 370 bln USD!
    60bln set aside on August and not much done thus far, infrastructure not done properly, stadiums being built with cheap labor, toilets(more then 300) were rejects due to bad plumbing and so on and so forth…
    Politics in Brazil are a “wonder”! Some politicians run around defending birds and macacs while MLN’s are wasted!!! President knuckle head buys on May 2013 32 obsolete 1960’s German flak tanks refuse only God knows why!@#$%%^^7, besides, the Brazilian gov. closed a deal with USSR(reactivated in May 2013 if you do not know yet) on this month a BLN worth of modern weapons including rockets and helicopters so what she should do with those obsolete German panzers ??? May be she can paint them with gray color on her leisure and give them to the navy for shore protection against ship at a distance bringing contraband! the NSA deal was not that bad considering the existing events! What a !@#$%^&! SO the USA could back away a bit but the monitoring is very valid! The validity is true regarding USA’s work! Lets explain!
    If you are familiar with bitcoin and its early starts then you can understand the rationale!
    The Chinese is preparing a surprise! The Chinese has the paper money Yuan and they have also the virtual Yuan oK? Alright! Now, the Chinese government geniously developed a “GIANT INTERNET SALES/INVESTMENTS” of their own similarly as ebay or amazon but you can, later, download in your computer the site and the sales/investments package in one unit! If you buy at ebay or amazon then you are familiar with the forms of payment! With the Chinese system you can select, buy, invest and transfer at the same time! So, lets say you buy a product via the Chinese system when it becomes available shortly… fine… you wilt use the virtual Chinese Yuan to pay for it… but lets say you want to invest on the product you have purchased…fine you can do so also… because of the infrastructure of the future and its investments, you wilt project on your own…hhhummmm… how many countries would buy this product on the next 30 days? Then you make your projection…you invest E.G. Y4500.00 yuan and at the end of the month you get a share of the investment done via the same line and the local central bank can not interfere!!! There are how many products in China at the moment? Nice deal huh? Then the freighter, when you buy, must bring your package at home! The local governments won’t know what is in it because there is NO LINK with the country’s postal service’s content list because it was purchased using a legal but foreign monetary system!
    So how are the countries charge taxes? Let’s wait for the wisdom of these lazy politicians! They have NO ANSWERS FOR YOU YET!
    What we do know is the amount of parcels increasing 10 100 1000 fold!!! Can the local postal stations handle such increase?
    The banking, how are the local banks deal with these? Let those rich CEO’s lazy dudes answer it! They have NO ANSWERS FOR YOU!
    What about the % of transfers? How is the local central bank receive taxes? What % can a person invest and receive? EACH COMPUTER LINKED WITH THE CHINESE SYSTEM BECOMES A CENTRAL BANK IN ITSELF! You may have 48 digits of money there and you won’t pay a dime for taxes because of the privacy rights!!! Hahahaha! The only time you may pay taxes is when you request a local money exchange online for your own use! Then you get charged taxes but what kind?
    The central banks can not control your act# because you have a virtual contract with the Chinese Central Bank! Taxes???
    There is more yet! Who is going to control the %’s worldwide?
    The answer is USA must! So, the USA must build a computer and include every country of the world in it! Every country linked with the Chinese system must report to USA on how much they want for taxes, taxes of purchases X taxes of investment X taxes of transfers. How can the government charge taxes when the product comes from overseas? The USA must MONITOR(NOT CONTROL) the %’s so the world’s trade is stable! can you imagine if the Asians manipulate the %’s w/o monitoring???
    Most educational huh! The Creator is amazing! He truly knows how to clean up the system for His own purposes!!!
    Enjoy watching your local politicians suet for lack of answers!!!
    Can you observe the question mark over their heads?

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