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112 dead in China slaughterhouse fire
June 3, 2013, 9:06 am


The cause of the fire is under investigation [Xinhua]

A fire engulfed a slaughterhouse in northeast China’s Jilin Province on Monday, leaving at least 112 people dead and 54 others injured.

Three-hundred workers were in the plant when the fire began according to local media reports.

Survivors said they heard a sudden bang and then witnessed dark smoke.

About 100 workers have managed to escape from the plant, the gate of which was locked when the fire broke out, they added.

The fire broke out at 6:06 a.m. in Mishazi Township of Dehui City, about 100 km northeast of the provincial capital Changchun.

China’s environmental watchdog has begun monitoring the environmental impact of the fire.

The slaughterhouse is owned by Jilin Baoyuanfeng Poultry Company.

Rescue work is under way, while the exact number of those who were trapped in the plant has yet to be confirmed.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Established in September 2009, Jilin Baoyuanfeng Poultry Company has 1,200 employees.

Source: Agencies